At Commando, exceptional customer service ensures every customer receives storage solutions that best suit their specific requirements. Our team has extensive experience in providing storage solutions to a wide range of customers with differing needs, from medical facilities to museums, providing every type of industrial and office shelving, including steel cabinets and accessories. As a result, Commando has expertise in suggesting the best possible solution to suit your storage requirements. In keeping the future in mind, we also provide flexible mobile and static shelving systems which can easily be adapted and expanded as the business grows.


Commando Services

Commando offers exceptional customer service to complement our quality product offering. These services include:
  • Detailed design; of the storage solution.
  • Customised options to suit specific requirements
  • Manufacturing pieces to order
  • In-depth analysis and advice on your specific requirements
  • Form working relationships with your designers, architects or internal staff to ensure the best outcome

Standard Systems

Commando offers quality standard metal shelving, including mobile and static shelving systems , steel cabinets , warehouse and office shelving, long span shelving, lockers, seats and stands , art storage , specialised options and a range of accessories.

Customised Shelving Design

Whether you're starting from scratch or moving to new and bigger premises, our design service will help your organisation maximise efficiency and productivity in a cost-effective manner. Commando can create an efficient storage concept that is functional, occupational health & safety wise and environmentally friendly. Customisation is ideal for clients with unique requirements which cannot be satisfied by standard options.

A Detailed Solution

We offer our clients detailed drawings to best demonstrate the specific details of their proposed storage solutions. The experienced team at Commando have worked with office designers, architects and drafts people, providing detailed CAD drawings.

Optimised Layout

It always helps to get a fresh set of eyes on a problem. Whether you are floundering in a sea of disorganised paperwork and ‘stuff’ or simply need to update your office shelving, we can design and implement an integrated system for your organisation. Offering understanding and expertise in designing a wide range of mobile and static shelving systems, steel cabinets and more, Commando ensures that our products enhance the workflow of each organisation. The dedicated Commando team work from their knowledge of our products and the client’s brief of their specific requirements to provide the perfect storage solutions.

Warranty Information

We offer quality products that have been tried and tested to comply with Australian Standards. All products have a standard warranty period; please contact us for more information on the warranty of a specific product. Commando also offers an optional lifetime warranty for products. *Conditions apply. Commando offers quality storage solutions and exceptional customer service, ensuring you get the best possible solution for your storage requirements.

For more info on shelving systems; mobile shelving, long span shelving, warehouse shelving, office shelving, mobile storage systems and for all other storage solutions, please call Commando Storage Systems; 03 9303 5999 or Submit an online form

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