Commando’s range of parts trays provides a very useful and well-organised way of sorting and storing all your small parts.  Parts trays sit directly onto a shelf for the convenient grouping and quick access of the stored parts.

Our parts trays are designed to suit the Moduline shelving range so you can maximise the space within your storage system. With a vast range of sizes, a wide front face design to place labels for quick identification and divider slots for efficient storage, our small parts trays will meet your needs.





  • High density storage for small parts
  • Large front flat face for fitting adhesive identification labels
  • Wide range of compartment sizes by adding extra dividers
  • Dividers lock into divider slot with locking tab
  • Integral back stop for viewing contents
  • Made from durable heavy duty polypropylene
  • Large range of sizes
  • Wide identification label



Part Trays
Code Height Width Depth QTY Per Carton Dividers Included
PT31 110mm 100mm 315mm 24 2
PT40 60mm 100mm 415mm 24 3
PT41 110mm 100mm 415mm 24 2
PT42 110mm 150mm 415mm 12 2
PT43 135mm 220mm 415mm 12 2
PT44 135mm 300mm 415mm 6 2
PT62 110mm 150mm 615mm 12 3
Additional dividers can be supplied.
Parts Tray Colour: Blue
Parts Tray Divider Colour: Black
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