Storage Solutions for Specific Applications

Specialised Storage Systems

There is such a variety of metal cabinets, steel shelving and mobile storage systems available that it can sometimes be a daunting prospect to find the right storage solution. To help you find the most suitable and appropriate options, we have categorised our range of products by industry for your convenience. Check out our specialised storage systems below:


Here you will find everything you need to take your inventory to the next level. Store your cleaning equipment, precious relics - whatever you need - with our range of metal cabinets, longspan shelving and more.


Is it time to organise those boxes that are taking up too much valuable space? Maintain an organised archive with moduline shelving, pallet racking and our selection of Ezi-Glide mobile specialised storage systems.


Paintings, drawings, posters and similar products must be stored properly to protect your investment. Consider installing plan file cabinets, till units, drying racks and roll dispenser trolleys to enhance your studio or workshop.


Streamline your picking operations with slotted angle shelving, pallet racking, work benches, parts trays and bins.


Our pallet racking system can be customized to satisfy the conditions of your factory or warehouse. For optimal performance, the uprights are designed to withstand and carry rack loads on the front face without negatively affecting the steel infrastructure.


Invest in mobile pedestals, tambour door cabinets, steel shelving - everything you need to run a successful office.


Is it time to clean up the garage or the spare room? Whatever you need, anything is possible with our range of stationery cabinets, mobile caddies, metal lockers, wire shelving and other storage solutions.


Keep a tidy workplace with purpose-built work benches. Use our louvred panels, parts trays and pick bins to make the best use of all available surfaces.


Stack books, magazines and more with moduline and library shelving. For something more professional and state-of-the-art consider the Ezi-Glide Extenda, Office and Maxx mobile specialised storage systems.


See our range of Moduline and longspan shelving as well as our mobile storage systems and other storage solutions for commercial and personal use.

Healthcare and Medical

Secure mobile specialised storage systems are available for healthcare and medical purposes. Store heavy items safely off the floor with our dunnage shelving. We have everything you need to maintain an organized storeroom and medical clinic.

Records Management

Let Commando help you manage your records by providing the vertical filing cabinets, pallet racking and other storage solutions like the Ezi-Glide Top Track.

Kitchen and Cool Rooms

Cool room shelving and similar racking systems can help you maintain a clean, safe workplace. Other storage solutions include dunnage and wire shelving.

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