Small Parts Storage Picks Bins:

Commando’s range of plastic storage pick bins provides a very useful and well organised way of sorting and storing all your small parts. Our small parts storage bins are available in a vast range of sizes are made from heavy-duty polypropylene for extra durability.

Ideal for storage of smaller items in warehouses, laboratories, storerooms and more, our small parts storage bins are easy to clean and don’t accumulate dust or dirt.

Small Parts Storage Bins:



  • Large flat label area for multiple adhesive labels for identification, bar code or location marking
  • No catch points for dirt and dust. All horizontal and vertical surfaces can be simply and easily wiped clean
  • Small items easily drawn from the bin with smooth front radius from base
  • Storage pick bins up to 300mm depth can be mounted on shelves or louvre panels
  • 400mm depth storage pick bins are designed for standard 900mm wide x 400mm deep Ezi-Store Moduline Shelving
  • Label Holder incorporates handle for easy removal from shelf
  • Made from durable heavy duty polypropylene
  • Large range of sizes
  • Wide identification label
  • Angled front for easy picking access
  • Special rear Louvre panel grip


Storage Pick Bins
Code Height Width Depth QTY Per Carton
PB01 60mm 107mm 130mm 64
PB11 90mm 107mm 180mm 40
PB22 140mm 143mm 225mm 24
PB32 140mm 143mm 300mm 24
PB33 140mm 217mm 300mm 16
PB35 140mm 434mm 300mm 8
PB42 200mm 146mm 400mm 18
PB43 200mm 219mm 400mm 12

The Following Pick Bins can be stored on either shelves or Louvre Panels:

  • Pick Bin PB01
  • Pick Bin PB11
  • Pick Bin PB22
  • Pick Bin PB32
  • Pick Bin PB33
  • Pick Bin PB35

The Following Pick Bins can be stored on shelves only:

  • Pick Bin PB42
  • Pick Bin PB43
All Storage Pick Bins are Blue in colour
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