Ezi-Glide® Electric Powered Mobile Shelving Systems

The Ezi-Glide® Electric powered mobile shelving system features a user friendly one touch aisle access control panel for ease of use. Fully automated state-of-the-art solid-state electronic controls with a programmable system design that allows safety features and options to be uniquely customized to the end user.  The EZI-GLIDE® controller offers two levels of safety as standard features. These are the Passive Safety System and the Motor Current Monitoring System. Adding the infrared Aisle Monitor or the infrared Safety Sweep can further enhance safety.  EZI-GLIDE® has been designed to interface with these or any other safety systems. As a result aisle movement can be restricted when an open aisle is occupied and carriage movement is immediately halted if a moving carriage encounters media or other materials or obstructions in its path.  These safety systems can be set so that users of the electric mobile shelving units cannot not override them accidentally.

EZI-GLIDE® Electrical powered mobile shelving systems are moved with the simple touch of the finger, irrespective of carriage length or load weight. The advanced EZI-GLIDE® control pad has a large touch area allowing elbow control in a “hands full” situation. Additionally, the controller conveniently allows users to create a new aisle opening from either side of the intended aisle. The operation of the touchpad is easy understand and use. It requires minimal instruction to allow users to feel comfortable operating the system.

The advanced design of the EZI-GLIDE® controller allows for secured access by designated users on an aisle-by-aisle basis. No keys are required because simple transponder technology allows authorized access with the touch of a transponder. This means different aisles can be restricted to specific personnel or departments within the same mobile storage system. Should security patterns or requirements change the system settings can be modified at any time.

Designed for large capacity and heavier load storage requirements with the convenience of electrical operation. The systems are manufactured in a range of standard sizes, which can also be tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The shelving has been designed and manufactured according to Australian Standards and workplace conditions; it provides ease of use and is one of the most advanced electrically operated systems sold anywhere in the world. A wide range of accessories is also available to complement the Ezi-Glide® Electra electric mobile shelving unit range.


Ezi-Glide® Electric Powered Mobile Shelving System

  • Big Button Touch Panel
  • One Touch Aisle Access
  • Security Access Control
  • Passive Safety
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Static Mobile Configuration
  • Priority Aisle Access
  • Fire Park
  • Automatic Aisle Closing
  • Low Power Technology
  • Windows Configuration Software
  • Self-Diagnostic


Ezi-Glide® Electric Powered Mobile Shelving System

Track System: Fixed Track on floor
Drive Options: Electric Powered Mobile Shelving
Configurations: Configured to suit requirements
Shelving Height: 1875mm
Overall Height: Add 200mm to bay
Shelving Width: 750mm
Depth: 250mm
Shelf Adjustment: 25mm
Shelf Capacity: Up to 250kg UDL*
Construction: Welded mobiles
Standard Colour: Shelving: Off White or Light Grey
Bases: Black

Other non-standard sizes and colours can be manufactured on request.

*UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load. Shelf and bay load capacities vary.  Please contact a Commando consultant for information based on your requirements.

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